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The "Innovation & Sustainable Development" committee gathers the actions to encourage the projects of innovation and sustainable development, and fosters the interactions. The association has integrated the sustainable development transversally to all the activities with the aim to inform and to initiate the companies on social and environmental projects. Since 2012, OSV is widening its network of scientific and technical structures in order to encourage the innovation within the outdoor industry.

The committee is in contact with international organizations such as the European Outdoor Group and the Outdoor Industry Association (USA – their Sustainability Working Group) in order to ensure continuity and consistency for important projects within the outdoor industry and with the input from OSV members.


Being an “OSV Member” means having access to everything in which the Innovation and Sustainable Development committee is involved. This includes events with well-known experts to remain informed, to discuss and to exchange ideas. Membership also means a monthly innovation and sustainable development intelligence letter with several useful tools made available to set up your innovation and sustainability projects. To go even further, a dedicated commission of volunteers from member companies contribute to determining the projects that the committee will focus on. This is how projects like the MBI repair center, the ceramics study, and the Mountain Lab test platform came to fruition. These projects are now real services that all member companies benefit from. Learn more about them in the detailed descriptions below.


For any and all questions regarding the OSV Innovation & Sustainable Development Committee: boris(at)


Focus on the Design Summer Camp

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Design in sports will take center stage in Annecy from September 28 to October 2, 2015.

The DESIGN SUMMER CAMP, co-organized by ESTIA Engineering School, EuroSIMA (boardsports industry cluster), and OSV (outdoor sports industry cluster), will bring together the professions that contribute to product development in the Action Outdoor Sports industry. The event will allow designers, engineers, university professors, professionals, and other experts to exchange ideas. The Design Summer Camp provides an exceptional opportunity to examine the role of design plays in company growth in the Action Outdoor Sports industry, and will help facilitate the link between the digital/image industry and the Outdoor Sports industry.

The program will include short dynamic breakout sessions (stand-up format), main presentations, as well as high-level design workshops.

To cap off the entire event, as part of a call for innovative design projects, one project initiator will receive an 8000 € grant (provided by OSV and EuroSIMA). All candidates must send their applications to OSV prior to June 30, 2015. Download the official procedure and guidelines from the Design Summer Camp website.

Focus on the MBI Textile Repair Center

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In 2015, right at the base of 4810-meter high Mont-Blanc, in the town of Passy, a new repair center will open its doors offering textile repair services to brands, retailers, and consumers in the outdoor sports industry.

The goal for this new repair center is to reduce the environmental and economic impact for brands by allowing them to offer garment repair services to their customer base, whether or not the original warranty is still in effect.


MBI is the company that will offer repair services.

OSV and its member companies provided specialized training to each seamstress and participated in developing a viable long-term business model.

The goal is to provide cost-effective high-quality repairs.




21 Avenue Joseph Thoret, 74190 Passy-France

Tel: +33 4 50 78 29 41


Focus on the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Mountain Lab

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The Chamonix Mont-Blanc Mountain Lab version 2.0 is an innovative test platform to facilitate testing outdoor gear in real-world conditions.

This platform provides the scientific expertise, human resources, and specialized testing equipment to meet the needs of manufacturers and the media within the outdoor sports industry. The lab works with highly-qualified partners to conduct testing: ENSA – France’s world renowned National Institute for Mountain Guide and Ski Instructor training; Ifremmont – Chamonix’s highly respected Mountain Medicine Research Institute, the Compagnie du Mont-Blanc for lift access in Chamonix, and other local stakeholders.

The platform serves all summer and winter mountain sports, such as hiking, trail running, rock climbing, mountain biking, mountaineering, alpine skiing, snowboarding, Nordic Skiing.

Put any type of gear to the test: apparel, eyewear, and technical or safety equipment.

From basic perception tests to in-depth scientific studies on thermoregulation, the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Mountain Lab provides high-value support to your product development and/or product validation processes.

Website under construction

Focus on the Ceramics scientific research study

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A scientific research study analyzing the effects of ceramics on the human body will be available in March ! EuroSIMA, OSV, and Sporaltec provided the Université de Savoie’s Physiology and Exercise laboratory (LPE) with financing to conduct the research.
The 22 male test subjects recruited for the study endured four 1.5 hour sessions, with 48 hours in between each to recover, for a total of 132 hours of various exercises using sensors and other measurement tools for analysis. Several textiles were tested in different atmospheres (temperate, cold). The measurement took care about thermoregulation, muscular oxygenation, skin micro-circulation, subjective perceptions and strength indices.

The prices are defined as bellow (before tax):
Company <2 millions of turnover before tax: Members 500€ / Non-members : 1000€
Company >2 millions of turnover before tax : Members 1000€ / Non-members : 1500€
Other organisations : 2000€

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