Annecy Base Camp incubator class of 2017: phase 1 ends, on to phase 2!

Wednesday, September 06, 2017
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The 8 projects selected for the Annecy Base Camp Business Incubator program spent two very intense months with their mentors and advisors. An evaluation committee met on July 6 to touch base with each project entrepreneur, and to evaluate their capacity and the project viability to continue with the program for another 6 months. The desired outcome after the second 6-month phase is for them to officially create their company!

Since every member of the 2017 class proved ambitious and heavily invested in their respective projects, it is our pleasure to graduate each to the second phase of the incubator program.

This new phase starts at the end of August for the 8 entrepreneurs, and will implement the following action plan:
- product development
- market/partner/customer feedback
- sales strategy
- distribution strategy
- marketing strategy
- communications plan
- support roles

In other words, finalize their business plans, build their teams, and finance their projects.

Good luck to all!

For the latest news, follow the Annecy Base Camp Facebook and Linkedin pages.

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